Lower East Side To Become Set for Reality TV Show About LES 30 Years Ago

01/08/2010 10:20 AM |

Lower East Side

The producers of The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase are looking to start a reality TV show, dubbed The Scene… L.E.S., about 8-10 young artsy types living on the Lower East Side, and they have an open casting call up on Craigslist. As if to acknowledge that the people they’re looking for might not live on the LES anymore (what, “The Scene… Bushwick” wasn’t catchy enough?), they’re being very open-minded about who they’re considering for the show: “We are not just seeking songwriters, but actors, actresses, scenesters… bloggers, journalists, fans…etc.”

In other words, you don’t really have to do anything creative. As long as you have decent taste and maintain a website of some sort, you probably qualify. You should also be human, as the show, true to reality TV tradition, will follow your “successes, failures, struggles, relationships and ambitions.” Sounds horrible, I can’t wait. (Curbed, Bowery Boogie)

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  • Why are you making it look like the 30s and 40s, cause that s what it looks like…having lived it, you gotta be kidding me. this picture represents 30-40% of the area at the time and let s not forget it was the wild east…it was fiilthy