Ludacris Plays a Peeping Ghost in the “How Low” Video

01/21/2010 9:45 AM |

Ludacris How Low

The first video from Ludacris’s upcoming seventh album, Battle of the Sexes (due in March), hit the web yesterday, and judging by the image quality it may actually have been leaked. At any rate, the “How Low” video (embedded after the jump) is classic Luda the likes of which we haven’t seen in much too long. There’s a Cloverfield-like hand-held, viral video set-up (which also seems to reference a recent South Park Halloween special about Biggie) whereby a group of women in underwear decide to test the urban legend that “if you go low enough, Ludacris will appear in the mirror.”

The song starts, they go low, very low, and sure enough, a ghostly, Casper-like Luda appears in the mirror. And then the song goes a little crazy, Luda breaks through the mirror, along with a smaller version of himself, whose high-pitched voice provides the tweaky chorus, and a group of more sinister-looking followers from the underworld. These cross-overs from the in-between chase the women through the house, with every mirror along the way occupied by a scantily clad ghost dancer, and finally end up in the kitchen, where everybody gets low some more. There are also some “Thong Song”-ish black light sequences, and for some reason a couple dudes are wearing Jason masks. More importantly, Luda is in fine form, being sexy, silly and boastful all at the same time like few others can.