Man, This Howard Ford Person Is Appalling

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01/25/2010 1:30 PM |


Non-native of anywhere and New York senatorial candidate Harold Ford Jr. has an Op-ed in the Times today in which he expectedly says the Democrats should abandon healthcare because Americans Want to Talk About Jobs (translation: as someone who does not currently hold office I have no stake in the healthcare negotiations and it’s no skin off my back to take up talking points in line with what pundits insist is the prevailing national mood).

So, Harold. What should Dems do now?

One: Cut taxes for businesses! This is a very popular position, as many people own businesses or are employed by one.

[Two, three: some other stuff.]

Four: Cut the budget deficit! This is also a very popular position, as it seems “responsible.” I am however unclear as to how the federal government getting less money will lead to the federal government being less in debt (maybe by eliminating earmarks?), but perhaps I just don’t understand supply-side economics.

(Ford cites the Clinton administration’s booming economy and budget surplus, which came about because of tax hikes enacted in the early years of his administration, and also an economy driven by the dot-com bubble. For the record.)

(Ronald Reagan broke this country, also.)

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