Music Video for Best Clipse Song Ever Not So Great

01/20/2010 12:05 PM |

Clipse Freedom music video

As I mentioned earlier this month in my review of The Clipse’s third album, Til The Casket Drops, the Virginia duo pulls off one of the strongest opening suites in recent memory, which is partly due to the opening track, “Freedom”, being their best song ever. Yesterday the video for that track surfaced (embedded after the jump), and it’s a little disappointing—though, admittedly, Clipse videos have never been anything especially imaginative or creative.

Still, aside from the brothers Malice and Pusha T rapping the track’s unexpectedly frank lyrics right at the camera against monochrome backgrounds, the whole black and white video seems to have been cobbled together with stock footage of flags, cops, drugs busts and ghetto cityscapes—some of which is digitally reflected in their designer sunglasses, wow! If you’re gonna hire a rather edgy artist to design your album cover, you should probably follow through with at least a little bit of creativity in your videos—like, say, shooting in a different fried chicken restaurant than the one in your song’s title. Or something. Anything, really.

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