New Microwave Prototype Plays YouTube Clips While Your Food Heats Up

01/06/2010 4:44 PM |


A group of design students from Tokyo’s Keio University have devised the first great new microwave feature since the invention of the “Minute Plus” button. The CastOven has an LCD screen where most microwaves have a window, and it’s programmed to select and play a random YouTube clip of the same duration as your cooking time (see demonstration video after the jump).

Because, obviously, who can afford to be out of the multimedia loop for the 45 seconds it takes to reheat Thai take-out, not to mention the three minutes it takes to pop popcorn? The CastOven isn’t a sure thing just yet, but a couple of big prizes at the recent Mashup Awards certainly won’t hurt its chances of going into mass production. Sadly, there’s no feedback system in the current version, so the CastOven might not understand that you don’t want to watch random people doing the “Single Ladies” dance in their bedrooms while you wait to get your grub on.

Presumably the CastOven won’t always pick lame videos. (TreeHugger)