News Story on Luxury Gourmet Baby Food to Cause Internet Outrage

01/25/2010 11:07 AM |

baby food

A Manhattan gourmet organic groceteria is serving portions of made-to-order baby food for $9. This is the kind of article that will get bounced around the Internet allowing the perpetually indignant to mock and deride and make some kind of point about a world gone mad, with likely references to Haiti. In some cases this article will be politicized and spun into a limousine liberal narrative, with likely references to Wall Street bonuses. Thousands of poorly articulated ad hominems will follow in the comment sections of hundreds of parenting blogs. Points will be scored. Smugness will obtain.

Possible money quotes for the outraged Internet:
—”‘Luna absolutely loved it,’ said Mariko.”
—”‘We need to provide the babies food that is fresh, from scratch,’ [said Chef Alberto Gonzales], explaining that sea salt and agave sugar are included to ‘give more flavor.'”
—”As we mulled the menu, our waiter whispered what no parent wants to hear, ‘The baby food takes longer, just so you know.'”