NPR Made a Funny and the Tea Baggers Are Mad

01/04/2010 12:05 PM |

tea baggers on NPR

NPR isn’t exactly funny. Sure, there are moments on Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me that can elicit a chuckle (or maybe I’m just always hungover/half-drunk when I hear that show), but it’s not really the place for LAFFS. So I was pleasantly surprised by a new Mark Fiore animation they’re running (not embeddable), “Learn to Speak Tea Bag,” which takes a jab at our favorite group of true American patriots. BUT LOOK OUT! The Tea Baggers found it and are threatening to take away all their valuable NPR donations. OH NOEZ! As commenter Bryan Langford (Bryzantium) wrote:

Homorous. I’ll be looking forward to the librel cartoon about how they like to label and exclude andyone who doesn’t agree with them with names like racist,redneck,nativist etc. Congratulations you now know librel hippy.


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  • so, it’s ok to refer to the homosexual act of lowering a scrotum into another homsexual’s mouth? Does you mother know what “teababbing” is? I’ll show her!

  • Why do Tea Baggers insist that tea-bagging is “a homosexual act”? Seriously, it can be pretty fun for heterosexuals, too. Also, please don’t “teabab” my mom.