One Man’s Noble Attempt to Get Himself Kicked Off Facebook

01/06/2010 12:21 PM |

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Noted humorist and friend of The L Adam Clem has had enough of Facebook’s creeping privacy line and has decided to get himself kicked off by being as inflammatory as possible. Clem explains his ire thusly:

In the end, what unnerved me about Facebook were its affinities with the kinds of data-mining, data-dredging, and data-snooping operations advocated by our more extra-constitutional public servants and institutions, most notably as tools in counter-terrorism work. […] Maintaining the [privacy] barriers requires constant scurrying around with a bucket of hydraulic cement, but the water always finds another way in.

And so, after wiping most of the content from his Facebook page, Clem is…

…attempting to get myself kicked out of Facebook, by writing status updates about Facebook that are scabrous and occasionally horrifying but below the threshold of libel. A photo of my ass wouldn’t hurt.

His first status update? “FACEBOOK HATES ISRAEL”

We’ll late you know how this goes.