Robot-Built Public Artwork Pike Loop Gets Extended

01/20/2010 8:58 AM |

Pike Loop in Chinatown

Back in September 2009, when architects and engineers from Gramazio & Kohler started laying bricks for a new public sculpture using a semi-automated mechanical robot arm, the resulting porous double helix-shaped wall was only supposed to stay in place at Pike Street and Division Street until the beginning of this month. And yet, here we are approaching late-January and the Pike Loop is still there, which prompted bloggers at Bowery Boogie to drop a line to the Department of Transportation and the Storefront for Art and Architecture, which oversaw the project, who confirmed that due to overwhelmingly positive feedback from local residents, the structure will remain in place through the end of 2010, which proves that even in New York, public opinion does play some role in determining the staying power of street art. (Curbed)
(photo: Archidose)