RZA, GZA and ODB Crossing the Delaware With Ninjas

01/13/2010 9:46 AM |

RZAs Victory or Death

Wu-Tang co-founder and frontman The RZA recently unveiled his first foray into art (just after announcing his first foray into filmmaking) a painting so grand and momentous that it’s been twenty years in the making. “Victory or Death” (excerpted at right, in full after the jump) is the RZArector’s epic appropriation and Wu-flavored remixing of Emanuel Leutze’s already epic “George Washington Crossing the Delaware,” except here G-Dub has become RZA, the chap right behind him is now Wu co-founder GZA and the late ODB replaces the fellow standing in front of them below the flag, whose stars have been replaced by Wu-Tang Ws.

In Leutze’s painting the general and prez-to-be was taking his troups to the Battle of Trenton, but judging by the period garb and wintry ice floats in RZA’s paintings I’d say they’re headed to the Battle of Shaolin Island, a legendary showdown between classically trained swordsmen. “Victory or Death” is available for purchase in two versions totaling 360 editions, all signed by the artist.

RZAs Victory or Death

The first item in The L Magazine‘s company art collection?

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