Standards of Decency Force Magazine Name-Change

01/26/2010 11:10 AM |

A Portrait of Indecency

  • A Portrait of Indecency

The censorial oppression of web filters has forced a Canadian history magazine to change its name. “The Beaver,” with a circulation of about 44,000, has been in print since 1920, but the nature of Internet searches has demanded that the publication change its name to something more benign: “Canada’s History”.

“‘Beaver’ is one of those key words students are denied access to on the Internet,” the president of the historical society that publishes the magazine told the Times. Beyond that, Ian Austen reports, “the magazine found that its attempts to e-mail classroom aids to teachers were thwarted by its name, as were attempts to contact many readers.”

This is also why The L Magazine quickly abandoned its original name….[fill in this joke-blank in the comments section below.]