Swedish Student Protesters March for a Beer Pipeline

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01/25/2010 4:06 PM |

Students of the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenberg, Sweden—which offers dozens of Master’s programs taught in English, you’re going to want to remember this later—marched to nearby Falkenberg last week and occupied the Carlsberg brewery there, demanding that the brewery build a pipeline directly to their student union. Which seems reasonable. (The brewery and student union are 61 miles away; a meter of pipeline was laid on each end several decades ago, when the student union bought a share in the then-idepdently owned Pripp & Lyckholm brewery.)

Among the student activists, according to the English-language Swedish paper The Local (picking the story up from the Gotenberg Post), were “the Chalmersbaletten, a mock-ballet company of students known for performing tongue-in-cheek cabaret and variety shows.”

(Two years from now, will one of the leaders of this student occupution blow up a Gothenberg apartment while trying to brew his own beer?)