The Cheapest Dumpling in Chinatown!

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01/20/2010 3:30 AM |

The Search for the Cheapest Dumpling in Chinatown requires a lot of determination, given the sheer volume of options to be considered. Prosperity Dumpling (46 Eldridge St.), for instance, will get you ten of the best dumplings in the neighborhood for just two bucks—but sometimes 20 cents a dumpling is just too much. Which usually means it’s time to head to Mosco Street.

On the north side of the one-block alley, there’s a place called Fried Dumpling (helpful, we know) where you’ll get the damage down to just under 17 cents. You can get the standard five-for-a-dollar at the grill, but true frugality enthusiasts should head for the freezer on the far wall, where you’ll find bags of 30 for just $5. Of course, it helps if you know the freezer’s open to customers, and that the bags are yours for the taking. And it helps even more if you don’t mind a little gristle…

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  • Prosperity Dumpling’s food was very delicious and also very cheap. I got a sesame pancake with beef for $1.50. It was so good. I’m DEFINITELY going there all the time! The restaurant is really small, could only sit 6 people, and not really pleasant to the eye but the food is worth it. Personally I don’t care how it looks I just care about the food and once you start eating you’ll probably won’t care either. And if you get the hot soy bean milk make sure to put A LOT of sugar. Like 4 spoon-fulls. My boyfriend got vegetable dumplings for $2.00 and that was also good. You should really go there your taste buds will have a blast! 😀 I give the food 5 stars!

    As for Fried Dumpling DO NOT go there. I got a bag of frozen vegetable dumpling for $10 NOT $5 I think she swindled us but anyway. When I got home and cooked them they were not great or good. They were just ‘eh’ ok. But you would have better luck in eating dumplings at a regular Chinese Food Restaurant they are much better. I can’t say anything for the pork dumplings since I didn’t get them but if you want to try it I guess you can. Make sure she sells it to you for $5.