The Orwellian Future is Here: FBI Most Wanted Billboard Lights Up Times Square

01/15/2010 11:22 AM |

FBI Times Square Billboard

Today, the FBI will launch the latest in its nationwide network of digital billboards, provided to the bureau for free by the nice people at Clear Channel Outdoor, in quaint old Times Square, right across Broadway from the TKTS booth. Measuring 40 feet by 30 feet, it will stream images and information about the region’s most wanted criminals and missing persons, use targeted high-frequency sound waves to cut the motors of passing drivers with unpaid parking tickets and scan the brains of passing tourists to detect precrimes. It will also engage random pedestrians in harmless yet vaguely threatening banter, spoken in a booming, authoritative, middle-aged white man’s voice. On the other hand, now there’s another, less difficult way to have your name in lights on Broadway. (NY Post)