These Converse Chucks Shoe-Pants Are Like a Snuggy for Hipsters

01/05/2010 8:57 AM |

converse pants by Sebastian Errazuriz

If 2009 was the year of the snuggie and its attendant variations (the slanket, blankoat, Freedom Blanket, etc.), surely 2010 will belong to conceptual artist Sebastian Errazuriz‘s similarly amorphous, but slightly less ridiculous and tasteless multi-item fashion statement: The Converse Chuck Taylor shoe-pants (pictured). The design is still just a prototype, but given the current ubiquity of Chucks, the world seems ready for this kind of creative and unexpected variation on the form. I expect to see a topless American Apparel model sporting Errazuriz’s design on the back cover of an L Magazine by early spring. (NOTCOT)

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