This Year’s WarmUp Parties at P.S.1 to Feature Plentiful Pole-Dancing

01/25/2010 4:37 PM |

Solid Objectives ”“ Idenburg Liu at P.S.1

Architecture firm Solid Objectives — Idenburg Liu (SO-IL), whose offices are about a block away from The L‘s here in Dumbo, has been selected by MoMA and P.S.1 as this year’s winner of the Young Architects Project (YAP). MoMA announced the winner of the 11th annual YAP design competition last week, and come this summer, SO-IL’s design “Pole Dance” (pictured) will be erected in the courtyard at P.S.1 in Long Island City. You may remember that last summer it was MOS who turned the space into a vaguely prehistoric cluster of pel-covered, tepee-like cylinders. This year’s design is kind of like a pool party suspended in mid-air. Details and another pretty rendering after the jump.

Solid Objectives ”“ Idenburg Liu at P.S.1

SO-IL’s “Pole Dance” features a netting suspended above the courtyard on a set of poles linked by bungee chords, which means that the whole structure will move and sway over your head. Giant colorful beach balls will roll around up there, providing moving shade from the hot summer sun (which sounds so nice right now), and misters, hammocks and hanging plants will keep revelers relaxed below. Pole-dancing, meanwhile, will be on a strictly BYO basis.
Update: And now, via Curbed, a pretty video of the pole-dancing in action! (SFW)

(photo and video credit: Solid Objectives — Idenburg Liu)