Warner Group Signs Deal with eMusic

01/12/2010 10:06 AM |


I tend to stay away from industry news around here because I find it confusing and boring, but I’m quite fond of the work they do over at eMusic, and I’m pleased to report that they’ve added the Warner Music Group to their already impressive catalog. Of the four major label groups, Sony and now Warner have signed on, while Universal and EMI continue to hold out, presumably because they hate selling records and being associated with things that regular people actually like.

As part of the deal, eMusic now carries Warner properties Atlantic Records (Death Cab!), Rhino Records (all those awesome Elvis Costello reissues from a bunch of years ago!) and Warner Bros. Records (Built to Spill!). The big kicker, though, is the stable of indie labels distributed by ADA, which is owned by Warner.

Be sure to check out eMusic’s very good in-house blog, 17 Dots, where I’m sure they’ll have an awful lot to say about this.