We Suck a Little Less: HIV/AIDS Immigration Ban Lifted

01/04/2010 3:33 PM |

AIDS HIV ribbon white house

Today, as reported by the BBC, AFP, and others, HIV/AIDS rights groups in the U.S. celebrated a hard-fought, long-overdue victory, with the lifting of a law that, since 1987, had banned immigrants infected with the disease from entering the country. Our nice little nation, of course, is also probably the best equipped country in the world to provide treatment for HIV/AIDS, yet after passing the ban into law in 1987 we became one of only twelve countries to turn infected immigrants away (and the other countries doing it are really naughty places that nobody likes). So while we may still have very worrisome views regarding torture, at least we’re not as irrationally terrified of AIDS (and all things sexual, for that matter) as we were 23 years ago. Yay us! Yay U.S.!