When Picking a Music Video of Which to Make a DIY Version, Lady Gaga Is an Ambitious Choice

01/11/2010 2:36 PM |

Homemade Lady Gaga Bad Romance

As far as accommodating YouTube parodies and homages, Lady Gaga could learn a couple things from Beyonce: Innumerable crazy costumes, otherwordly decors and elaborate special effects make it very hard for your fans to re-make your videos. Nevertheless, a group of ambitious young people took it upon themselves to make a low-tech version of Gaga’s insane “Bad Romance” video in their apartment (after the jump), which is so awesome that it even earned them a Twitter thumbs up (well, “holy shit”) from the Lady herself. I especially like the use of bubble-wrap and tin foil to recreate one of her most sparkly outfits. (TheDailyWhat)