Yay! New Yorkers Set Record for Energy Consumption! Way 2 Go!!1!

01/08/2010 10:56 AM |

lonely polar bear

Dear Fellow New Yorkers,
Wherever you are I want you to turn to your neighbor and pat him or her on the back… WE BROKE THE RECORD! Thanks to an exceedingly profligate use of heating energy on Sunday (as we no doubt lounged around in thongs and onesies) we broke the all-time record for gas and electricity consumption. Awesome work everybody! Apparently we used enough energy to heat 968 billion pounds of water one degree, which, I guess is a lot right? Don’t worry about the environment, though, as it’s snowing outside right now, which means global warming is a lie. Con Ed spokesman Chris Olert is pretty concerned about our energy waste and recommended everyone turn the heat down and put on sweaters likes football and said:

With the cold and the football games, at 7 p.m., a lot of people were home on Sunday, particularly with the Jets game set to start at 8:15. Go Jets.

Yes, go green.