Your Car Now Comes with Internet Access, So You Can Easily Locate the Closest Hospital After You Crash

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01/07/2010 11:59 AM |


The Times‘s woman on the scene for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (fun gig!) reports on the latest advance in interactive dashboard applications (and pernicious, unstoppable Internet Creep). Yes, soon there will be a large monitor above your gearshift, through which you can access the internet, while you drive.

My favorite part:

A notice that pops up when the Audi system [which is capable of browsing the internet and playing media files] is turned on reads: “Please only use the online services when traffic conditions allow you to do so safely.”

Yes, please.

I used to think that being hit by an F Train after jumping onto the subway platform to retrieve an iPhone would be the worst possible way to die. But getting run over by a car because the driver was checking his email while driving, that’s worse I think, because even my self-righteousness wouldn’t save me then.