Your Friendly Postponed Spider-Man Musical

01/12/2010 1:59 PM |

Spider-Man Musical

When (if) the Bono-The Edge-Julie Taymor Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark musical finally opens on Broadway, I hope there’s an accompanying production journal or Lost in La Mancha-style documentary about the overlong, over-budget development of the most expensive play ever staged. The latest news from the producers and superstars involved in the $50 million effects extravaganza, following a comment by Green Goblin-to-be Alan Cumming, is that rather than beginning previews next month as originally planned (and as the show’s website still claims), performances will begin in September with opening night sometime in November, just in time for Broadway’s busiest season (tickets already purchased will be refunded).

According to the Post, whatever funding the show had previously been lacking will be provided by Bono’s business buddy Michael Cohl and Disney, which recently purchased Marvel Comics, and probably loves Julie Taymor to death on account of her Lion King stage musical still selling out almost every week. And of course that’s exactly the kind of business Spider-Man will need to do so that all investing parties make back all the money they spent developing crazy new stage flight technology—which, hopefully, will turn out nothing like this.

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