10 Billionth iTunes Track Downloaded by 71-Year-Old

02/26/2010 9:34 AM |


Well, if this isn’t a sign of the times, I don’t know what is. Apple sold its 10 billionth song yesterday, to a 71-year-old man in Woodstock, GA, with a pronounced weakness for Johnny Cash. Retired real estate agent Louie Sulcer downloaded the 1958 Cash single “Guess Things Happen That Way” at just the right moment and was rewarded with a a $10,000 iTunes gift card, as well as phone calls from Apple CEO Steve Jobs and, even more impressively, Roseanne Cash, who had her guitarist husband play the song for Sulcer over the phone. Next time your parents ask you how to attach a Word document to an email, or to tell you that the back button is just suddenly gone, remind them that, in addition to just bothering you, their failure to understand technology potentially cost them $10,000.