New Coney Island Will Feature New Rides, Same Appalling Stench from the Alley Behind Nathan’s

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02/16/2010 4:56 PM |


Coney Island, long known as “America’s Playground” on account of the greasy indigenous food, same four businesses every few feet, creakily clung-to nostalgia and that tan guy in slicked-back hair, a gold chain and blue-striped bikini shorts exercising on a trampoline on the beach, will receive a Bloomberg-era makeover this summer, with 19 new rides courtesy the amusement park portion’s new Italian tenants.

(“Bloomberg-era” meaning, in this Times-Square-of-Brooklyn context, “Giuliani-era, only this time with undesirable outer-boro real estate.”)

Pictured is a rendering of a ride, the Air Race, that’s slotted to make its worldwide debut at the new Luna Park, though I’m finding that claim hard to square with the ride’s previous appearance in the classic American film The Sandlot.

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  • This is such exciting news!!! Hey, just a heads-up that Coney Island Craft Lagers(R) (handcrafted by Shmaltz Brewing Company) is putting out a special summer release called Coney Island Luna Lager(TM).

    Luna Lager(TM) commemorates the launch of the new Luna Park 2010, and brings to life a delicious newcomer to their award-winning craft lager lineup for the community to enjoy this summer at America’s Playground.

    Proceeds from Coney Island Craft Lagers(R) also continue to help Coney Island USA, a 501(c)(3) Arts Non-Profit fulfill its mission to defend the honor of lost forms of American popular culture in Brooklyn’s historic Coney Island neighborhood. Coney Island Luna Lager(TM) will be available this summer throughout New York City in 22 oz. bottles and a very limited supply of kegs at specialty shops and select bars.

  • how ’bout Luna Tics? special edition tic tacs.

  • How about something that is brewed within a 3000 mile radius? Why not a local brew?

  • Great News for Coney Island!! The new Luna Park is going to be spectacular!!!! Thank you Mayor Bloomberg!!!!

    Now, Mr. Zamperla re-open the Parachute Jump. That would really be the kick start. Imagine the publicity and the thousands that would flock to the boardwalk to see the Great Jump working again!!! WE SHALL SEE!!!!!

  • Oh, Boy the Parachute Jump!!!! Operating again in Coney Island.

    what a thrill, what a thrill, can’t wait !!!!!!!