A Great Last-Minute Valentine’s Gift

02/11/2010 11:49 AM |

valentines is for lovers

In theory, I think Valentine’s Day is a ridiculously artificial holiday contrived solely to pressure gormless men into spending way too much money in some misguided hope that the perfect gift will make everything better. In theory.

As the day itself approaches, though, I confess I start to fall for the whole stupid romantic mess (just a little)—which is why my last column was about non-awful ways to celebrate Valentine’s, without buying dumb junk that’ll just end up in a landfill in a few years. So I just wanted to remind you all (especially those of you in north Brooklyn) of a great gift idea: Audrey Spa. Not only are their services top notch (great facials!), Audrey is currently donating $5 of every gift certificate to BARC, Williamsburg’s legendary animal shelter.

So this gift really is a multiple threat: it creates very little garbage, helps out a charming local business, benefits a deserving charity, and provides a great service.