Ad Attempts to Discourage French Teens from Smoking, Which They Love, By Equating It With Fellatio, Which French Teens Hate Apparently?

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02/23/2010 4:05 PM |


These are the ads that notably do not appear with a just-posted Times article on the controversy they’ve started in France.

“To smoke is to be a slave to tobacco,” is the slogan; the ad campaign, by the firm BDDP & Fils for the campaign Droits des non-fumeurs (“Non-smokers’s rights”), is designed to convince teenagers that smoking is not a “transgressive act,” but rather “an act of naïveté and submission,” (like the sexual enslavement of underage prostitutes is?), according to an executive at the advertising firm.

If this ad was American it would simply say, “Smoking Sucks,” and would likely be quite effective in deterring teenage boys from smoking, because ads that appeal to (and thus reinforce) male teenage homophobia are as effective as misogynist beer ads are on adults. I admit I’m a little fuzzy, though, on how equating smoking to blowjobs will change anything for a teenage girl who already knows all about the unpleasant things one must do if one wishes to become popular.