An Open Letter to People Thinking of Killing Themselves

02/11/2010 12:31 PM |

In light of Alexander McQueen’s apparent suicide, this piece in the Boston Globe, by poet Jennifer Michael Hecht, is even more resonant. In the last two years, two of Hecht’s friends killed themselves—poets Rachel Wetzsteon and Sarah Hannah, respectively—with Wetzsteon taking her own life just this past Christmas.

Hecht has written a kind of open letter to those who might be thinking of killing themselves, asking that they hang on just a little bit, if not for themselves then for the rest of us. As she writes:

If you are even a tiny bit staying alive for the sake of the community, as a favor to the rest of us, I need to make it clear to you that we are grateful that you stay. I am grateful that you stay alive. […] Don’t kill yourself. Suffer here with us instead. We need you with us, we have not forgotten you, you are our hero. Stay.

But you should really go and read the whole thing.