Dear Greenpoint: There Are Deadly Toxic Chemicals Beneath Your Feet

02/22/2010 1:06 PM |

Dirty old Greenpoint

  • “It’s a dirty place to live, but the rent is pretty ok.”

In case you missed this story about highly toxic perchloroethylene (a dry cleaning chemical) just oozing through the groundwater in Greenpoint, now is your chance to be alarmed (despite the use of the word “plume” to describe the diffusion of the pollution). We’ve told you before how dirty this city really is, but a recent study by the State Dept. of Environmental Conservation, focusing on northeast Greenpoint, revealed that high concentrations of perchloroethylene have been building up for decades around former dry-cleaning businesses, in some cases, at levels approaching 73 parts per billion (which is a lot, apparently). The best part about these kinds of chemicals is that, according to Mike Schade, coordinator at the Center for Health and Environmental Justice, they can turn into vapors and invade people’s homes! LIKE ZOMBIES.

The state says it’s going to clean this shit up (sure, whatever, meet you there), but by the time you read this, if you live in northeast Greenpoint, you’ve probably already turned into a dry-cleaning vapor zombie.