Design Energy-Generating Land Art in the Emirates

02/08/2010 9:48 AM |

Michael Heizers Double Negative

One of the most popular criticisms of land art (aside from requiring epic road trips to the Southwest in order to actually see most of it) is that it’s very disruptive of the environment and often involves making rather violent alterations to the landscape—as in the case of Michael Heizer’s Double Negative (above), a pair of incisions into a Nevada hillside. Now, Dubai-based designer Elizabeth Monoian and architect Robert Ferry have launched a competition to make a more environmentally sound land art. The Land Art Generator Initiative aims to create site-specific installations at three locations in or near Dubai that would serve as tourist attractions, but also generate enough electricity to power themselves and nearby communities. The deadline is June 4, so get to work on those solar power sculptures and wind turbine forests. (TreeHugger)