Dog Rescued from Ice Floe in Midst of Existential Crisis Travels Back Out to Sea to Face and Conquer His Demons

02/10/2010 11:01 AM |

dog on ice floe

  • “If only I’d had more time to think about my place in the vast universe.”

A dog was mysteriously trapped on an ice floe. The dog was rescued by Polish sailors who fed him sausages. Now the dog has become a Polish sailor dog.

The best thing about this heartwarming tale of canine introspection interrupted by drunk sailors is perhaps the image at right, as clear a metaphor as we’ve seen in this young decade for how truly alone we all are in the face of a vast, meaningless universe. (Not sure how the sausages fit into this particular metaphor).

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  • The sausages could fit in thusly: “No matter how alone you may feel, no matter how isolated from humanity, there will always be some drunk guy who’ll want to offer you his sausage.”

  •,0,0,1,1,wilk-m… “Sea Wolf” vid footage of the rescue. Just think – that weekend the temperature in Poland went down to as low as minus 24 degrees C. Amazing will to live. Made me think of Jack London’s “Call of the Wild”, and Laika the space dog. Maybe “The Dog Who Fell to Earth”, they even look sort of alike.