Every Blue-Eyed Person Ever Is Descended from the Same Original Blue-Eyes

02/12/2010 3:34 PM |

Blue eyes

According to recently published research by Hans Eiberg and the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the University of Copenhagen, every person who has ever had blue eyes shares genetic material with the one, original person who had the species’ first set of blue eyes between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago. LiveScience reports that samples from 800 blue-eyed people from all over the world featured the same genetic trace in all but one case—and that individual, let’s call her/him “daywalker,” had a brown spot in their otherwise blue iris.

So, daywalker notwithstanding, all us blue-eyes are directly related to some supreme ancient being, who apparently had lots and lots of strong, virile and fertile children with dreamy eyes. The report goes on to explain all the science-y details about how this original mutation came about, but I think I’ve learned all I needed to know about this story. All will soon bow to the chosen blue-eyed people. (Asylum)

One Comment

  • I think it is extremely distasteful to rant on about the supremacy of “the blue eyed people”, not only for the general gauche-ness of claiming anyone with a particular physical trait they had no control over is superior but for the blatant disrespect of our modern history in which tens of thousands of people were killed in the name of a blue eyed “race.”