How Your Oscar Sausage Gets Made

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02/08/2010 11:24 AM |


You could read Mark Harris’s well-connected, inside-knowledgeable New York cover story about the publicity blitzes, artificial awards-show smiles and nobody-knows-anything whisper campaigns that culminated, as always, in this year’s Oscar nominations.

Or you can read this, which is much shorter, so that you arrive much more quickly at a mindset of hostile apathy than you would just by mulling over the implications of Harris’s subtle assessment.

It’s also interesting, isn’t it, that entertainment journalism has, like political reportage, evolved from addressing actual content (or fluff) and moved into horserace pieces, where writers use the word “narrative” a lot, and the public feels savvier than ever about the process and how it’s reported, while at the same time paying ever less attention to the actual movies or policies at the center of it.