Hoyt-Schermerhorn Subway Station Getting Michael Jackson Mural After All

02/16/2010 11:39 AM |

Michael Jackson in the Hoyt-Schermerhorn station

Despite early opposition to the plan when it was proposed by City Council member Letitia James last summer, the Post reports that Downtown Brooklyn’s Hoyt-Schermerhorn subway station, where Michael Jackson’s Martin Scorsese-directed, Wesley Snipes backup-danced music video for “Bad” was shot, will be getting an MJ mural.

The public artwork, for which an artist has yet to be selected, will occupy the street-level wall at the station’s 45 Hoyt Street entrance (right here) although more ambitious plans to rename the station Hoyt-King of Pop, or place a shiny plaque therein have been abandoned. The mural is being billed as a tourist attraction, so something crazy and colorful is clearly in order, and Kehinde Wiley and Jeff Koons both have experience with portraying the Gloved One. (Curbed)

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  • Deserved 100% because we, the people, want it to be like that. We want the king of Pop shinning every where in the world. We want also that library in L.A. to be rename with Michael Jackson name he did not damage nobody.

  • Brooklyn-bound G-train, the next stop is:
    Michael Jackson immortalized at Hoyt-Schermerhorn Streets

    I’m SO…..HAPPY!!!!!!!! THAT THIS IS HAPPENING!!!!!!

  • FINALLY–Michael Jackson is being honored for the human being and genius that he was!! Michael deserves all the honors, respect, and love..because when was alive he gave so much to us..since the age of 5! He danced, sang, and traveled all over the world at lest 10 times over..giving to the war torn countries, to orphanges, to helping fight poverty, to fight diseases like HIV/AIDS, to rebuild towns, churches, because of nature disasters..families would write to them because their child needed new legs, help pay for medical because of cancer, people homes were burnt down by fires, towns’ churches needed rebuilding, children who were killed because of violence-and their families asking Michael for help, and so many other times, Michael would read something in the paper, about any of the situations mentioned he would help..all that asked and who didn’t asked..He was there for them–because Michael was about LOVE..There will never be another like him..uh..uh maybe in a couple of centuries from now..but even then..I don’t think so..not the complete package of Michael Jackson..the genius, the intelligence, the kindness, the compassion, the humbleness, the sense of humor, the eccentricity, the GOD Essense of Michael Jackson..the courage of always standing back up from the cruxifiction by the media and the backstabbing money hunger families..Michael Jackson since his death has been honored by various countries already, by naming their streets and even towns after him; Brazil, Russia, Holland, and Romania just to name a few..Thank You New York for finally seeing the light and the TRUTH..Michael Jackson will never die–as long as LOVE and Music exists..I thank GOD everyday for giving us Michael Jackson..I am humbled by his existance..RIP King of HEARTS–King of POP–I will see you in paradise

  • Hell yeah! Michael was and is and always will be the best! I got love for you baby!