In Reality 2.0, Protest Signs Are Made of Internet

02/05/2010 10:18 AM |

God Hates Signs

Making a good sign for a protest rally is kind of like making a good costume for Halloween: If you have the forethought to do it ahead of time it’s easy, but if you try to do it at the last minute it’s a huge pain in the ass. Where do I even buy giant rectangular pieces of paper? Do I hold it with my hands? Should I attach it to a stick of some sort? What kind of stick: an umbrella, a broom, a crutch? Do I need to go chop down a tree? What about the people behind me, won’t they be bummed that I’m blocking their view? The helpful web-based protest sign generator, God Hates Signs, resolves most of these problems and takes only a few seconds, so you can leave your sign-making to the last minute. (TheDailyWhat)