Japanese Company Turns WWII Vet Against the Jews

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02/09/2010 4:04 PM |


86-year-old Gerald Silver, of Queens, won a Purple Heart for fighting the Krauts in the 40s, but doesn’t seem to hold any grudges against the Axis powers: He drives a Camry.

Or did, until he crashed it, after it launched a surprise attack on two cars the front steps of a Forest Gills synagogue. “I attempted to brake it and it just kept getting faster and faster,” Silver told the Daily News.

Now, far be it from me to suggest that an 86-year-old man might be a victim of pedal error. So I’ll just observe that it should not come as a surprise, if this massive ongoing recall by the world’s second-largest automaker, for pedal problems, becomes an increasingly useful excuse.

“I blame Toyota,” Silver said, which is better than blaming the Jews, anyway.