Jimmy’s Johnson: How in Debt Must a Man Be to Shill for Penis Enlargement Pills?

02/05/2010 11:03 AM |

Jimmy Johnson has a tiny peter.

  • Size of the boat, motion of the ocean, etc.

Dear Lord. I really have a hard time understanding why former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson decided to go ahead and be a spokesdick for “male enhancement” pill ExtenZe (I assume they know “ze” is a diminutive in Brazil?). Seriously, and get a load of some of Johson’s patter for the non-prescription supplement:

Most men want to perform the best they can in just about everything. Isn’t that why we buy the biggest and best of everything? Go long with ExtenZe. I do.

You know what else I have a hard time understanding? The absence of “johnson” puns in each and every article I’ve read about this. For shame people.


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