Kirkus To Survive, Latest in Line of Zombie Media Companies

02/12/2010 11:59 AM |


The media landscape is starting to resemble The Island from Lost: dead doesn’t always mean dead. Vibe‘s shuttered doors quickly flung back open on the net; last year, we heard New Yorker Films was closing up shop, but earlier this week it came back to life. The latest media revenant is Kirkus Reviews.

Late last year, parent company Nielsen announced that it would close the infamously trenchant magazine, which reviews books pre-publication. But yesterday, the Times reported that Kirkus would be sold instead—to a guy who owns a basketball team! [Record screech] It’s true: people who like sports can also read books. Herb Simon, who owns the Indiana Pacers, some shopping malls and a bookstore in Montecito, will keep the publication in print with the current editorial management in place. The lesson? The next time you hear some beloved media company is shutting down, wait a few months before you buy a black armband: there’s a good chance it’ll be back. (Although Gourmet seems really, really dead.)