Mark Rothko Play Red Hangs on Broadway March 11

02/01/2010 12:03 PM |

Alfred Molina as Mark Rothko in Red

As previously rumored, and confirmed this morning via a press release, Donmar Warehouse‘s production of the new play Red by John Logan (screenwriter of Gladiator, The Aviator and the Sweeney Todd movie, among others) about Mark Rothko and the discussions regarding abstract expressionist aesthetics that he and a studio assistant sustained while the famous painter was working on some of his most revolutionary canvases, will begin previews on Broadway at the Golden Theater on March 11 and open April 1st.

During his recent visit to London, head Times theater critic Ben Brantley had this to say about Alfred Molina (recently of An Education) as Rothko:

Molina (who played another formidable painter, Diego Rivera, in the movie “Frida”) is that rare actor who conveys intelligence with visceral intensity. He makes you believe that what Rothko says, no matter how abstract, is of mortal importance to the painter. I’ve never seen a performance that captures so fully the necessary overweening vanity (and attendant humorlessness) of a great artist.

So yeah, a non-musical play about Mark Rothko painting: Not nearly as boring as it sounds.