Mos Def Does His Best Madvillain Impression, With Full Costume

02/17/2010 3:42 PM |

Mos Def does MF Doom

At a show in Chicago over the weekend, Mos Def did a more or less impromptu cover of Madvillain’s “Accordion” (embedded after the jump), which must have been at least partly planned since Mos “just happened to have” a full MF Doom costume complete with an over-sized, slightly sci-fi ninja shirt and a weird mask (which may have once belonged to one of Michael Jackson’s kids). It’s pretty amazing, with the crowd rapping along just about the whole way through. In light of this and other recent Def-Doom collabos, maybe a Mos Def-MF Doom record is in order. They could call it Mos Doom. (HipHopDX)