New Tom Petty Song “Good Enough” Is Not, Actually

02/26/2010 11:33 AM |


I’m sorry about the joke up there in the headline, but it’s really not a very good song. Hopefully the rest of the forthcoming (and very stupidly titled) Mojo is better, but I do not have high hopes. Listen here, if you absolutely must, or just go here and watch a live performance of “American Girl” from 1978. [Vulture]

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  • You are crazy. “Good Enough” is fantastic. The sound of one of the best rock bands in the world totally killing it.

  • In my opinion, the new song is more than “Good Enough” – you may not dig blues – or maybe you dissed Tom through the Last DJ media outroar.
    I do love anything and everything that TP&HB have ever played, recorded, or even dreamed. I’m looking very forward to the new album.

  • Boo. I think it sounds awesome.