No Skinny Jeans: Uptight Old-School Snowboarders Now As Lame As Old-School Rappers

02/15/2010 1:46 PM |

In an ongoing bid to bring mainstream respectability to the totally non-corporate counterculture sport of “snowboarding,” old-school snowboarder and Olympic competitor Nate Holland has been making noise recently about the importance of keeping tight, racing suit-style clothing out of the sport. As he told the Times: “I think the problem we have now is the emo look, and people trying to use that as an excuse for wearing tight clothing.”

tight pants

  • Your 2010 Olympic snowboarding team. USA!

Holland seems to want to avoid skiing’s mainstream, win-at-all-costs culture (and the attendant embarrassing speed suits) so snowboarding can hang on to underground, anti-establishment sponsors like Nike, Microsoft and Visa. In that spirit of rebellion and concern for his fellow rebels, he goes on to say: “I like to wear stuff that consumers can buy at stores. And they’re not going to buy a speed suit at a store that I’m wearing during a race.” Fight the power! Consumers represent! (Sorry Kid Cudi, no X Games for you.)

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