Now You Too Can Live in the Jersey Shore House

02/04/2010 4:50 PM |


The house that Snooki and The Situation built made famous is now available for summer shares or other shenanigans. You, too, can dwell in the temporary home that J-Wow and Pauly D desecrated made famous for just $3500/night. Of course, that’s the off-season fee, and the rates will jump to $6500/night once the summer hits the Shore. The duck phone and other fun-iture are all still in place from the show so the costs are totally justified and won’t make you feel ridiculous or dirty once you’re there.

This excitement comes on the heels of the news that the Tanner home from Full House also hit the market in San Francisco this week. With so many opportunities to combine TV with our real lives, it can’t be too long until the financial crisis has subsided and we can hang out at coffee shops all day again.