Paying For Naps Is Crazy, Unless They’re Discounted Naps in Zero Gravity Pods

02/09/2010 12:45 PM |

Cat Nap

  • We Can Haz 59% Off Cat Nap?

Though I’ve never taken advantage of them, I’m a subscriber to the New York City-based “Groupon Daily Deal” email blasts. I’m sure that by now everyone is aware of this Groupon business, but in case you aren’t, each morning a “deal” is sent to your inbox, and if enough subscribers agree to buy it (thereby becoming a “group”), “the deal is on!” Group-on! Cheap thrills.

The eclectic mix of deals in the past have included 60% off haircuts, 55% off mani/pedi’s, 53% off at Jonny Rockets, 47% off improv comedy, 33% off snow tubing and beer tasting, and two for one pole dancing class, so obviously this is something you want to be a part of. The most interesting so far came to my inbox today at 6:17am, offering 59% off a YeloSpa massage and nap. I had a few questions about this deal so I read on.

A $47, hour-long massage sounded like a good deal in and of itself but a nap, last time I checked, usually takes place on my couch, Lifetime Channel on, when I’m hung-over on Sunday, free of charge. Not so. You see, YeloSpa has future-y “nap portals” where you lie in a zero-gravity simulating chair (pictured) and choose the color of the room, the music and the scent, which is mind-blowing. Though the name YeloSpa conjures up images of a jaundice treatment center and the color yellow itself is rarely soothing, I do have to say I’m kind of into this “spoiled brat in a nap-chamber” idea.

Yelospa Portal chair thing

And there lies the danger in being a Groupon subscriber: now I have it in my head that I’ll only be able to nap properly in a sea foam green pod, while listening to water lapping and/or Sigur Ros songs while the scent of chocolate chip cookies wafts through the air, but only after my pole dancing class and laser hair removal treatment. Just like so much in New York, Groupon serves as a constant reminder of things I desire, but absolutely could not justify purchasing… except when it’s $5 for $16-worth of burritos at Chipotle.

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