Primary Stages Extends Happy Now? by Two Weeks

02/16/2010 4:12 PM |

Happy NOw? at Primary Stages

  • “We got extended? Really?!”

Per an email to The L‘s theater inbox this morning, Primary Stages is extending its production of Lucinda Coxon’s Happy Now? at 59E59 Theaters by two weeks, with the final performance now set for March 21st. Though I wasn’t a huge fan of the show (as you can read here) it’s not surprising to hear that it’s a crowd-pleaser, with its mostly very fine performances and often funny dialog.

The fact that Coxon offers no new perspectives or insights on the very familiar mid-life crises she’s portraying seems not to have bothered audiences and (other) critics. Most notably there’s that glowing review from the TimesCharles Isherwood—a reprise of sorts of his earlier review of the show at Yale Rep, from which half the cast was taken on for this Off-Broadway production. Also, knowing that the wonderful Olivia Williams played the starring role (now portrayed by the very capable Mary Bacon, pictured) when the show premiered at London’s National Theater in 2008 makes me wonder if Coxon’s play isn’t more interesting than this unremarkable production made it seem.