Science Isolates Part of Brain That Fears Losing Money, Helps Us to Gamble Better

02/10/2010 1:11 PM |

kenny rogers, the gambler

Finally. Scientists have figured out that our fear of losing money—and the concomitant propensity (or not) to risk losing large sums—is modulated in the amygdala, that almond-shaped cluster of brain matter that archives emotional reactions to events, helping us develop useful fear thresholds. Anyway, some researchers at Caltech have figured out that people with damaged, deficient amygdalas are less concerned about losing money, and are more likely to risk large sums. And you know what the best way is to damage your amygdala? Binge drinking.

So, science has basically told us that drinking a lot will probably lead to bad decisions at the casino. Thanks science! FOR NOTHING.