Spencer Tunick Invites Lady Gaga to Join His Next Mass Nude Photograph

02/22/2010 12:37 PM |

In a recent interview after the Brit Awards, Lady Gaga mentioned that during her time at NYU she wrote a long paper on Damien Hirst and Spencer Tunick, photographer of mass nude formations in famous places who, incidentally, makes a sort-of cameo near the end of Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis. In response, Tunick told Sydney’s Herald Sun that he would love to have Gaga pose in his next work, which he’ll be shooting at the Sydney Opera House on March 1. He hypothesized that “maybe she would want to pose, maybe she would want people to know she was there but just couldn’t be found in the crowd. You know, then it could be like ‘where’s Lady Gaga?”’ I think that would be a pretty easy game to play:

Lady Gaga in Spencer Tunick