Spot the Naked Camera Crew in the New Kid Cudi and David Guetta Video

02/10/2010 9:57 AM |

Kid Cudi and David Guetta

Kid Cudi is very much back in the spotlight this week, what with the premiere of the HBO show How To Make It in America, the release of the accompanying mixtape, and a guest appearance on the latest single from French DJ and producer David Guetta. The song, “Memories”, is Guetta’s typical and fairly enjoyable house-dance music, with Cudi essentially repeating the same half verse throughout.

The new video for the track (embedded after the jump) seems completely unremarkable and innocuous at first, until you realize that the hapless film crew spotted repeatedly in window reflections and the like is actually completely naked—as I tried to point out in the image at right. Nakedness in music videos being a good thing, this makes “Memories” infinitely better. (Complex)

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  • I’ve never seen so much shite in all my life, what a cheap way to sell a video, Galaxy DJ'[s get a fucking life!!!!!! sad R soles