Tea Baggers Discover That the Free Market Actually Kind of Sucks

02/01/2010 1:49 PM |

tea bagging is fun

Poor Tea Baggers. As the first-annual national Tea Party Convention gets set for Nashville this weekend, thousands of free-market fundamentalists Tea Baggers across the country are balking at the for-profit convention’s pricing. With prices hovering around $500, Tea Party higher-up (and noted American modernist composer) Philip Glass told Marketplace today that he’s “concerned about the appearance of profiteering, exploitation of the grassroots movement.”

Ha. Profiteering and exploitation. Those are morally loaded terms, Mr. Glass, and as we all know, morality has no place in matters of the free market. ARE YOU SOME KIND OF SOCIALIST? No wonder the crazy foxy number one fury of the Republican Party, Michele Bachmann, has already dropped out

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