The Giant Siberian Tiger in the New Massive Attack Video is 9/11, Right?

02/04/2010 3:10 PM |

Massive Attack Splitting the Atom

I’ve always found British duo Massive Attack weirdly alienating in anything bigger than a one song dose, but as a result that one occasional song is usually very engrossing and satisfying. Same goes for their videos, which are always cleverly crafted and elaborate experiences, but maybe a little too trippy to enjoy en masse—too much mindfucking fucks with your mind.

Their latest, “Splitting the Atom” (embedded after the jump) from last year’s eponymous EP, is no exception, revealing in vertiginous fly-through a cityscape of black crystals that seems to be under attack from what initially looks like an invasion or terrorist attack, but turns out to be a giant white tiger. The video was directed by French artist and filmmaker Edouard Salier, who’s already a big fan of black and white videos, but really takes his aesthetic to the next level with these somber, sparkly visuals to match the moody, melancholic song.