The Onion Set to Shut Down New York Wing of A.V. Club

02/23/2010 3:30 PM |


There aren’t a whole lot of details out there just yet, but word is starting to spread that The Onion is shutting down the New York wing of it’s A.V. Club, the not at all satirical Arts & Entertainment portion of the newspaper. Gawker posted this mass email sent out by former editor Andy Battaglia.

Hi everybody,

Apologies if you receive this more than once, but today is my last day as city editor of The A.V. Club in New York. The New York website is being shut down, the city section in the paper is being cut significantly, and I am moving on.

Presumably, this means the next time you read an issue of The Onion at your local bar, there won’t be as much in the way of local listings. Which doesn’t scare me at all, because, hahaha, duh, everyone knows you can’t rely on local arts coverage as a money-maker. Sad days, indeed.